The traditional and elegant way of eating crabs

In this golden autumn, when crabs are the most meatier, did you have a taste of these delicious hairy crabs this weekend?

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Chinese people have been eating crabs for 2780 years. It has been recorded since in the West Zhou Dynasty. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it is said that literati appreciated chrysanthemums and ate crabs for arousing their inspiration of poetry. And what they use for eating crabs is a special tools set called “XieBaJian (eight-piece cutlery specially for eating crabs)”.

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The eight things are hammering block, hammer, axe, doctor knife, scissors, tweezers, stake and spoon. These tools are used to remove the crab shell and take out the meat by avoiding gnawing directly with mouth. It can even restore the shape of a crab at the end.

Learn Chinese Culture
Learn Chinese Culture

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