About Us

Welcoming Place that

engages each student

Our mission is to teach foreign students about Chinese language and culture, by designing unique courses and using innovative teaching methods.

RISH (Real In SHanghai) is an internationally recognized company providing educational programs in China in language, culture, traveling and global perspectives for students worldwide.

Quality Teaching Level plus

friendly atmosphere

We hope to provide young people of different nationalities worldwide with opportunities to know China better while learning and traveling.

We have a team of highly qualified teachers with rich experiences in kids and teens Chinese education. Our staff are motivated, passionate, committed to delivering quality services.

Our Chinese Learning Programs

We Would Love to Grow

together with our cooperative partners

We cooperate with top universities in China to provide our students with learning environment in university campus, while taking benefits from cultural exchange.

We have a very close cooperation with hundreds of oversea international schools and language institutions, to design and operate for their students custom built educational trip in China, combining Chinese learning and exciting activities.

We Aim to Make Students

learn happily

We take pride in the fact 100% of our students and parents are satisfied with their experiences with us.

We have a team of friendly, dynamic and appropriately trained staff to provide high-quality Chinese learning and best services. We aim to make students achieve great learning results and take advantages as much as possible from our Chinese summer camp or our other Chinese learning programs.

We Look Forward to

working with you

If you are oversea educators or Chinese teacher, you are warmly expected to establish a cooperative relationship with us by joining our affiliate program.

We organize and operate study tour/educational trip to China for oversea schools. For partnership please contact us. We handle all of the details to host your group.

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