Beautiful University Campsite

Fully Equipped Campsite that

engages each student

We cooperate closely with famous universities in Shanghai to provide beautiful, convenient and extremely safe campsites.

We take great care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students, and for this reason we offer students a real fully immersed on-campus camp life.

Professional Classrooms

friendly atmosphere

All kinds of classrooms are available in the campsite: small-size classrooms, multimedia equipped classrooms, amphitheaters and so on.

All classrooms are equipped with air conditioner, so that students can study in a cool and comfortable classroom in hot summer season. During the break, we offer snack, fruit and mineral water.

Beautiful, Convenient and Extremely Safe Campsite

Our students study and live in perfect self-contained campus with spacious surroundings and extensive facilities.

Safe and Comfortable Accommodation

The residential accommodation in the campus hotel is of high standard, located short distance from the classrooms and all available facilities on campus.

Students live in the university owned hotel, 4-star standard, located right on campus. The hotel is only open to students, teachers and accompanying parents, not open to public. All the hotel staff are university employees, safe and reliable.

Rooms are double occupancy, equipped with air-conditioner, bathroom with 24hours hot water, all sets of furniture, cable TV, free wifi connection, phone access, 24h security guard.

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