An idea of summer camp is simply “home away from home”. An interesting camp makes way to lifetime memories. A summer camp is one that is organised in the summer season for school children or teenagers, wherein everyone experiences new adventures of life. Summer camps are prevalent all over the world. Summer camp in China is no exception where children grow different skills like language, art, sports and their exposure to culture improves better insights which in turn enhances proper focus in life.

The Experience and benefits

  • These camps are usually headed by experienced teachers and coaches who take classes and explore local sights paving way for a new way of learning.
  • These experiences are truly enriching for the young minds who learn a lot playfully and also develop new friends.
  • Education is more relaxed and motivational. It has been found that the children develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills drawing a perfect balance.
  • They learn the Chinese language by interacting with local people.
  • The love for their own culture and heritage grows when children explore historical sites.
  • Parents feel safe and secured when they know that their children are in safe hands with proper accommodation. Flexible arrangements for parents are also accommodated in case they also want to accompany their kids.

Real in Shanghai or RISH is a top brand of Chinese summer camp organisers who arrange summer camp China for children. They have been in the business for more than 10 years and proudly have catered to the needs of more than 2000 children. With more than 300 school trips they are considered one of the best in the business.

With a mission to teach foreign students about Chinese culture, art, and heritage through innovative ways RISH has already acclaimed the attention of global players.Undoubtedly, they have created a place in people’s hearts by providing 100% satisfaction to their clients which is quite vivid in their reviews online.