Differences Between Us and Others

RISH Chinese Summer Camp vs. Others




University owned hotel located inside the campus, safety guaranteed, only open to school programs participants.

Public hotel or rented apartment. Students take public transportation to return back to hotel after class.


Various classrooms, cafeterias, sports fields are available in the campus.

Students have class in office building. No area is available for after-class activities. Meals are take-out food.

Supporting Facilities

Convenient camp life: groceries, cafes, bakeries, bank, hospital, post office are right on campus. 



Courses are tailor-made and diversified. Extra 1-on-1 Chinese tutoring are offered. 

Courses are based on common teaching materials. 1-on-1 practices are not arranged. 

Class Setting

Small-size classes: teacher to student ratio is around 1:5. Promising achievement by the end of the camp. 

Larger class size, less interactive. Students can not receive individual attention and have few opportunities to practice.

Support Service

1 counsellor in charge of every 4 students. Ensure 24/7 assistance and encourage students to speak Chinese in a real-life setting.  

1 or 2 counsellors in charge of the whole camp. 


Excursions are language and culture-enhancing. Students play games or complete tasks on trips.   

Trips are sightseeing only and organized by outsourced travel agency.


All-inclusive package. 0 hidden fees.

Extra charge required for weekend activities, laundry, airport transfer, textbooks… etc. 

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