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Why Au Pair In China?

Learn more about au pair program in China and become a family member

Chinese parents attach great importance to their children’s education and make early-education more and more seriously.

Nowadays, au pair program becomes a new current for lots of Chinese families who want to let their children improve their English skills and get in touch with other cultures by communicating directly with foreigners.

“Au Pair By RISH” Program in China

Based in Shanghai, our host families cover Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and other metropolis in China. You will get the choice of where you want to live and most importantly with which family that best suits you.

Leave your comfort zone, travel to a whole new world, learn another language and culture, au pair in China is an exciting adventure where you can share and broaden your horizon.

Live in a Chinese family, offer live-in educational childcare, in exchange for free room and board, opportunity to learn Chinese, and being immersed in one of the most ancient cultures of the world.

From a 3-month or 6-month au pair stay, what leaves behind is a meaningful experience and lifelong relationship which may lead you to specific destinations.

What does an Au Pair do?

  • Live with a Chinese family as a family member for 3 or 6 months
  • Provide 30 hours a week of live-in educational childcare
  • Receive single room accommodation, three meals a day, pocket money, and free Chinese lessons.

As an au pair, you will have opportunities to experience Chinese life, learn Chinese language, travel with the host family, make international friends.

Meanwhile as a member of the family, accompanying the host child(ren) is your first occupation. You will be responsible for providing live-in educational childcare. You will be mainly in charge of English tutoring, helping with homework, some simple housework related to child(ren), etc.

Au Pair Qualifications

Au Pair Benefits

Get to know all what you can expect while being an au pair in China

Duties & Responsibilities

Although the working hours and tasks might vary depending on the host family, an au pair provides maximum of 30 hours a week of English tutoring and childcare. In general, it will include:

Depending on the host family and the age of the child(ren), the detailed daily schedule will be discussed when your match has been finalized.

But by common consent, you will be on duty not more than 30 hours a week, and you will have 1.5 days off per week.

A typical au pair timetable

Program Gains and Costs

– Au Pair Gains:

  • You will receive 1500 RMB monthly pocket money
  • Completion Bonus 1000 RMB for 3-month program
  • Completion Bonus 2000 RMB for 6-month program
  • No bonus is granted for 2-month (July&August) program

– Au Pair Program Costs:

  • Application Fee: 100 USD
  • Deposit Fee: 300 USD, refundable upon your arrival in China.

– Other Costs:

You will be responsible for all costs related to providing your application materials. If necessary, you may also be required to make a direct payment to your local Chinese Embassy/Consulate for your application for a Chinese entry-visa, which will be paid back to you after you arrive in China. 

There are no hidden charges and no room and board to pay throughout your stay in China.

The Process

Our Services


  • Screen host families to find your best match
  • Arrange video interview between you and your prospective host family
  • Support you with Chinese visa application
  • Help you to book flight to China and prepare luggage


  • Pick up from the airport
  • Hold a 3-day orientation in order to help you adapt the new surrounding and learn how to teach English as a foreign language
  • Take you to your host family

Coordination in China

  • 24/7 emergency line
  • Continuous support from our local coordinator during your stay in China
  • Monthly cultural activities
  • Find a new host family in case of unsolvable contradiction with your current family

After program

  • Issue official certificate
  • Transfer back to airport

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