Chinese Language and Culture Full-immersion Summer Camp in China


#1 Tailor-made Program for Teenagers

2 to 3 weeks full-board Chinese camp, with intensive language classes and culture-enhancing activities, unique program for teenagers to have fun learning and language skill improving in a relaxed, motivating and educational atmosphere.

#2 Total Immersion Experience

Surround yourself in a language and a culture in a real-life setting, direct interactions with local people. Extraordinary opportunity to gain profound knowledge into traditions, customs and social environment in China.

#3 Small Size Interactive Classes

All levels of classes are offered, in small size to ensure that each student receives individual attention. Students are grouped according to Chinese proficiency and age. Official certificate and personalized report are granted to each student at the end of the program.

#4 Diversified Courses and 1-on-1 Private Tutoring

To motivate students to learn we use a wide variety of teaching methods and we arrange: themed Chinese workshops, outdoor Chinese study, group assignments, role playing, audiovisuel class and more. We provide one hour 1-on-1 Chinese tutoring in the evenings so that students have the opportunity to practice as much as possible.

#5 Highly Qualified Teachers

We have a highly qualified professional teaching team. Our teachers are all native speakers with Master degree, certified to teach Chinese as a foreign language and have years of experience in teenager Chinese education. Teacher to student ratio is 1:5.

#6 Counsellors on duty 24/7

We have a group of experienced counsellors to provide full support during the whole camp. They ensure safety and assistance, and encourage students to speak in Chinese as much as possible through conversations in real life. Counsellor to student ratio is 1:4.

#7 Culture Absorption Activities

A wide range of culture absorption activities are incorporated in the program including traditional culture courses, visits to world-class museums and city excursions to the most famous attractions of Shanghai.

#8 Fun Field Trips

Magnificent trips to Hangzhou/Beijing/Nanjing – iconic cities of ancient China. Explore these famous historical cities through organized tour to discover the fantastic charm of China’s classic past.

#9 Convenient Campsite and All-inclusive Package

Students will study and live in the beautiful and safe university campus with spacious surroundings and extensive facilities. Comfortable rooms are at 4-star standard on-campus hotel. School cafeterias provide nutritious meals. To make student's camp life easier we provide free services such as airport transfers and laundry.

#10 Diverse Mix of Nationalities

Camp students are from different countries all over the world. Socialize with other kids who are also interested in Chinese language and culture, and develop your own global network.







RISH Chinese Summer Camp vs. Others

Campsite & Accommodation

RISH: University owned on-campus hotel, safety guaranteed, only open to school programs participants.

Others: Public hotel or rented apartment. Students take public transportation to return back to hotel after class.

RISH: Various classrooms, canteens, sports facilities available in the campus.

Others: Having class in office building. No area for after class activities. Meals are take-out food.

RISH: Convenient camp life: groceries, cafes, bakeries, bank, hospital, post office right on campus. 

Others: None.

Educators & Courses

RISH: 12 years of experience in running teens Chinese summer camp. Campus based full immersion camp. 

Others: Not campus based. Not fully immersed. 

RISH: Courses are tailor-made and diversified. Extra 1-on-1 Chinese tutoring are offered in the evenings. 

Others: Courses are based on common teaching materials. 1-on-1 practice not arranged. 

RISH: Small-class setting, teacher to student ratio is around 1:5. Promising achievement by the end of the camp. 

Others: Larger class size, less interactive. Students can not receive individual attention. 

Schedule & Services

RISH: Excursions are language and culture-enhancing. Students play games or complete tasks on trips.  

Others: Trips are sightseeing only and organized by outsourced travel agency.

RISH: 1 counsellor for every 4 students.Ensure 24/7 assistance and encourage students to speak Chinese in a real-life setting. 

Others: 1 or 2 counsellors in charge of the whole camp. 

RISH: All inclusive package. 

Others: Hidden fees. Extra charge required for weekend activities, laundry, airport transfer, textbooks... etc. 


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