Celebrating 120 years of Shanghai Jiaotong University senior Chinese President


Memorial Building 120 anniversary of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1947 alumni, the Chinese Communist Party’s third-generation collective leadership core of Comrade Jiang Zemin made a special trip to Shanghai Jiao Tong University alma mater a congratulatory message.

For years, senior has always been the heart of Jiang Zemin’s alma mater true. Starting from the Shanghai Mayor, he has more than 10 times to visit the campus of National Chiao Tung University, teachers and students visited his alma mater to encourage students, support the development and reform of his alma mater. School building 100 anniversary of President Jiang Zemin’s message to Alma Mater: “the future, scaled new heights, University into a world-class University traffic”, which become the Shanghai Jiaotong University in the new century journey of unwavering goal. School building 110 anniversary of Jiang Zemin seniors filled with lovingly inscribed “siyuan Zhiyuan”, concise jiaoda common spiritual and cultural power, become a source of development and progress of their alma mater. School building 120 anniversary of Jiang Zemin’s fellow students for his alma mater again sent a congratulatory.

Congratulation reads as follows:

Building 120 anniversary of the Shanghai Jiaotong University, his alma mater, to the faculty, staff and all alumni at home and abroad, I extend congratulations and greetings!

Jiaotong University history has witnessed China’s higher education from scratch, from weak to strong’s struggle, is a picture of the picture of modern Chinese fight Chinese people to achieve continuous self-improvement in miniature. A Chinese modern history, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation indomitable, one nation, and rejuvenating, powers great history. Five Jiaotong University results from Hong-veined, best Mandarin spring continued constantly, in order to save the country and the country prosperous, strong magnificent career has cultivated batch after batch of steadfast, talented exceptional talents, is undeniable. It is an honor to Jiaotong University is China’s education.

Jiaotong University is an engineering institution, but it not only pays attention to science and technology education, and also attaches great importance to the education of social sciences, some Alumni put it as “Wen Fugong, workers”, there are good reasons for it. This is out from the National Chiao Tung University students, not only brighter than the stars have emerged, with the participation of technical experts and emerged many communicate through ancient and modern, leading cultural figures of the true meaning of. Sincerely hope that Shanghai continues to develop a “work and teach” tradition of education, for the motherland and people producing rich knowledge of engineering, and the humane accomplishment of the Builder. The Bo group, Mongolian General governance of talent, we construct socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation so badly needs.

Siyuan Zhiyuan, the future, two jiazi birthday wish our alma mater as a new starting point, to transport state integrity in the name of heaven and Earth, spirit of innovation for the developing of the gel cohesion to the splendid!

Jiang Zemin

The March 28, 2016

Source: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Twitter