120 years, Shanghai Jiaotong university-xujiahui

In nearly 120 years, 300000 alumni from Shanghai Jiao tong University, spread around the world, contributed a great deal hard work to society. Alumni, now is the most precious wealth of the school. Whether a university can stand the test in long history, the most important factor will depend on the achievements of graduates out of school. Without the hard work of alumni, Shanghai Jiaotong University won’t have widely reputation in society today.

On the occasion of countdown to the year 120 anniversary school- establishing, Shanghai Jiaotong university offer the service including but not limited to “scheduled meeting place”, “invite the school the teacher in charge”, “coordination canteen meals”, “campus Tours”, and “to make a special party unlined upper garment”, “student volunteers photography”, etc. Through booking the personalized service, further enhance the sense of belonging, of alumni satisfaction

Before and after the date of school- establishing 120 anniversaries, enrolling students, the 10th anniversary graduation, the 20th anniversary of graduation, the 30th anniversary of the graduation, may communicate with department in charge. We also welcome the customers in other classes, contact local alumni associations and department or alumni association, to make the school graduation party more convenient, more warmth.