“120 years old photos Jiaotong” brush screen story behind the photo brush heart


These days, a “120-year-old Jiaotong University, how many people love your youthful appearance,” fire up. In the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the founding National Chiao Tung University, a group of students to explore the history of the old photographs of the campus to find Jiaotong sages have photo, photograph them and put people in the same posture, facial expressions …… past the intersection of reality and in this time in.

These “light when” there is this:

But many people do not know is that behind the old photos overwhelmed exposure, there are many little-known story. March 13, Shanghai Jiaotong University (hereinafter referred to as “National Chiao Tung University”) campus has been celebrating the 120th anniversary celebration atmosphere. Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) reporter walked into the old campus of National Chiao Tung Xuhui new transformation school history museum, listen to school history researchers in Europe about seven pounds Dr story behind these old photos.

This picture shows the predecessor of the National Chiao Tung University Nanyang founder Sheng (front row, fourth from right) and to school officials, the teacher study group photo. Shooting the specific time is unknown, was taken in about 1900 to 1905. Wherein the front row, third from right to Nanyang prison hospital Americans Ferguson.

Europe surging seven pounds told the news, rarity this picture is that it is the only one ever found high officials of Westernization Sheng Nanyang Public School in the photo.

In 1896, the preparations for the Nanyang Sheng was born in Shanghai. Initially, Nanyang is located in the Old City near Shanghai Gaochang Temple. Sheng bought 40 acres of land where the school ready to build. However, the appointment arrived to the prison hospital but Ferguson believes Gao is not suitable for the construction of the temple premises. So in April 1897 when normal enrollment, the school has not really schoolhouse, a silk mill temporarily lease vacant houses Xujiahui school.

Until June 1898, Nanyang final selection today Xujiahui Campus permanent school site. They acre official silver price of 120 yuan to buy 97 acres of land area, kaihe pads, the construction of school premises. The school’s first two buildings – the hospital and the hospital, which is the Secondary School, school university department. “Homes still exist today in colleges and universities,” the EU seven pounds, “said witness Jiaotong University spans three centuries of vicissitudes.”

The figure is the 1909 National Chiao Tung University football team. “NY” player clothes, that is, “South Pacific” acronym.

1901 Nanyang to organize football team, at a time when St. John’s University in Shanghai is playing the best football team on campus. Two warring parties have an annual football team, three games each season. Each game as well as “declaration” warm, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces that people will watch the special train to Shanghai.

People were very strong sentiment against the powers, St. John’s University in the United States have a strong background, so there is a saying, “If (South Pacific) lose, lost not only the face of the school, the country also lost face.” In 1907, Nanyang and St. John’s University football team had been able to play football in a draw, the 1908 is not even scoring six goals to win, then they can often win. One player Lu Lin products also known as the “Shanghai Football King”, and was named the National Football “One hundred and eight.”

The figure is all the girls Jiaotong University, 1937 photo. Background dormitory building.

National Chiao Tung University since 1927 began to recruit the first batch of female students, which was also sensational new. And then be able to read Jiaotong University female students, family conditions is often quite good ladylike.

We’ll dormitory called “Orient House”, usually out of the boys is prohibited. It may be more disabled boys more curious. In particular, schools often hold clean-up campaigns are girls come out on top, leaving the hostel which add a touch of mystery.

1930 celebration, the mysterious dormitory and finally for the first time open to male students. It is said that when the boys lined up to visit! Even a dormitory “to get involved almost no” situation.

The figure is the 37th graduation ceremony of the feast National Chiao Tung University, taken in 1937 Auditorium. From teachers and students dress furnishings and tableware, the very particular about this feast. Europe represents seven pounds, in fact, from the information of each graduating students to produce their own souvenir magazine, from photos, text layout by the students themselves to complete. In addition to graduation feast, souvenir magazine, when the National Chiao Tung University students as well as “graduation trip” This graduation tradition.

The figure is the National Chiao Tung University students in graduation trip in the photo, taken in 1934. Wherein the rear right is Qian.

The original, “graduation trip” is not just fashionable today graduates. The most interesting is Shanghai Jiaotong University will provide the primary jurisdiction of the Ministry of Railways unit dedicated to these cars, “Jiaotong University,” the student, the school will give students “a travel allowance.” Departure, the principal, dean and teachers but also to the station to see them off. Such “Bi trip” Open, is really rare na.

Old black and white photographs in the figure above is the year students at National Chiao Tung University dormitory “West Zhixin fast” before the group photo. In 1930 he completed Zhixin West Zhai still today students of National Chiao Tung University dormitory. The building area of ​​4300 square meters horseshoe dormitory was “the best hostel in Shanghai.”

1930s, National Chiao Tung University students to supply new place to stay in the hospital, five in the hospital, west quarters, Zhixin West vegetarian, female dormitory. In addition to female hostels, from back to front one is better than one. The hospital was built in 1899, it is the National Chiao Tung University built the first school, known as the “castle-style old house.” It is preserved today in the National Chiao Tung University is the oldest building on campus.

At the time, the new hospital, although more than a “new” word, not as the actual conditions in the hospital: insufficient room light during the day, night lights are dim unbearable in the summer but also to endure mosquito bites. West dormitory conditions are better than in the hospital, and is a 3 person.

National Chiao Tung University in 1929 to report Qian as an example. He stayed in the hospital freshman, sophomore dormitory live in the West, and finally moved to the junior care deeply about Zhixin West vegetarian, live in 163 rooms. Zhixin West Zhai then known as “the best hostel in Shanghai”: 152 bedroom, and another fellowship room, newspaper reading room, hairdressing room, bathroom, storage room, etc. 22; house iron beds, bookshelves, tables, chairs, coffee table, and even wardrobe are covered with mirrors; restroom in both hot and cold water; there are western-style toilet and the toilet with toilet paper; dormitory space before laying turf …… most important thing is, even if there are undergraduates “both a” treatment.

This condition is put on today, enough to make a lot of college students jealousy envy hate ah.

This old photo that year member of National Chiao Tung University, “Beijing Normal University High School Reunion” photo, taken in 1930. The third man left standing by Qian.

National Chiao Tung University was also so-called “fellow will”, “Alumni Association”, such as Wuxi National Chiao Tung University Alumni Association, Nankai Middle School Alumni Association.

Qian and at school, to represent the South “Jiangsu Yangzhou school” and representatives of the North “faction affiliated to Beijing Normal” the most attention. Both are outstanding top student in learning to love each other “rivalry”: The “School Beijing Normal University High School,” leading the next “Jiangsu Yangzhou school” must prevail.

Initially, National Chiao Tung University Qian did not like “score war”, but as “affiliated to Beijing Normal School,” the one he can not fall behind. Decades later he recalled: “At that time knowledge of air traffic is not very strong university, but attaches great importance to test scores, the end of the study, grade point average calculated to two digits after the decimal point I am not used to, but resigned. behind every door homework and tests of more than 90 points …… “

Pictured above is the 1930 National Chiao Tung University students brass band photo, where the front left one Qian.

Qian was in attendance to say “learning tyrants,” can not be a nerd. Here another story to say.

Originally, Qian always want to escape the school every Monday morning, “the Prime Minister Memorial Week” (that is, to commemorate Sun Yat-sen memorial ceremony held in every Monday morning). Exactly the same level to mobilize his friends to join the school brass band, he said at the “Memorial Week” began, orchestra sang “Party Song” can withdraw will not need to listen to the principal speak. Thus, Qian enrolled in band, learn to play the alto horn, became a brass band.