How to Choose the Good Chinese Summer Camp for Your Children This Summer?

The Chinese summer camp is specially designed for overseas students who are interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Every year, many different Chinese summer camps take place in China, to provide a unique opportunity for kids and teens to learn Chinese.

At the same time, just like other summer camps, children can take care of themselves independently without their parents' participation, which improves the ability of thinking and living independently.

What is a real Chinese summer camp? How should parents choose, from the numerous summer camp products on the market, a truly high-quality summer camp that can benefit their children a lot?

First of all, Chinese summer camp should be carried out in a school campsite. Accommodation, classes and after-class activities are all on campus, providing students with a safe and comfortable environment throughout the whole camp period.

Chinese summer camp should arrange a full-day schedule for students, instead of having no activities after 3 or 4 p.m., or having no courses or activities on weekends.

The students participating in the Chinese summer camp come from different countries all around the world and stay in China only for two to three weeks.

Their time is very precious so should be used more effectively. Chinese summer camp should enable them to learn more things in the limited time.


Chinese courses offered by summer camp should be taught by qualified teachers who have experiences in oversea teens education. The content of the course should be intensive, practical and interesting, paying attention to all-round training of students' listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that students' Chinese proficiency can be significantly improved in the short time of summer camp. Many students only have one Chinese lesson a week in their own country, and there are not many opportunities for them to practice. So Chinese summer camp teachers should give students opportunities to participate and interact in Chinese classes as much as possible.

Besides Chinese language courses, Chinese summer camp should also provide Chinese culture courses (such as calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, martial arts, etc.), various exchange activities (1V1 Chinese practice with native speaker, outdoor Chinese study etc.) colorful cultural experience activities and fun trips for students coming to China. These Chinese language and culture activities aim to deepen the understanding of Chinese language and culture among foreign students in various countries, and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning Chinese.

Also, Chinese summer camp should provide a fully immersed experience, so that students can have a Chinese only language environment throughout the whole camp, whether in class or after class, and have as many opportunities to contact and use Chinese as possible.


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