Chinese Test Calendar for 2020

How are you getting ready? Already eager to know your Chinese level?

Calm down, there is still something that you have to know about the Chinese Proficiency Test.

Currently, including HSK, HSKK, YCT, BCT, etc. it is an important Chinese proficiency certificates for studying in China, applying for scholarship from Chinese government and Confucius Institute, recruiting and evaluating employees from various institutions and multinational companies. And each test has its own emphases.

HSK is an international standardized test, assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. It has six levels. Level I and Level II consist listening and reading. Level III and above add the writing part.

HSK - Chinese Summer Camp 2020

Level 1-2 all in Chinese pinyin

Level 3-6 all in chines characters

HSK Calendar - Chinese Summer Camp 2020

HSKK mainly evaluates the ability of Chinese oral expression, including HSKK (Primary), HSKK (Intermediate) and HSKK (Advanced). The test is in the form of recording. HSKK Primary corresponds to HSK Level I and Level II, HSKK Intermediate corresponds to HSK Level III and Level IV, and HSKK Advanced corresponds to HSK Level V and Level VI.

HSKK - Chinese Summer Camp 2020
YCT - Chinese Summer Camp 2020

YCT examines the ability of primary and secondary school students who are not native Chinese speakers to use Chinese in their daily life and study. The YCT test is divided into written test and oral test, and the two are independent of each other. The written tests include YCT (level 1), YCT (level 2), YCT (level 3), and YCT (level 4) and the oral tests include YCT (primary) and YCT (intermediate).

YCT Calendar - Chinese Summer Camp 2020
BCT - Chinese Summer Camp

BCT, as an international standardization test for Chinese proficiency, it focuses on non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using Chinese language for communication in business or working context. The BCT exam is divided into two parts, a written test and an oral test, and the two are independent of each other. Written tests include BCT (A) and BCT (B). Candidates who passed the BCT (A) can complete daily communication and basic business communication tasks in Chinese. For those who passed BCT(B) can use Chinese to complete more complex business communication tasks. Oral test is a network-based computer adaptive test, divided into five competency levels. Candidates who passed the exam means that they can complete various types of business communication tasks in Chinese.

BCT Calendar - Chinese Summer Camp 2020

You can log on to Chinese test service website, select your continent, country, test type, test subject and examination time for testing center inquiry.

If you want to learn about the content and the form of Chinese proficiency test in advance, click on the simulation examination for a self-test (the simulation examination is a simplified version of the real exams, which aims to help the candidates understand the general situation of each level and conduct a self-evaluation).

Candidates who want to sign up need to log in the website, choose the level, test form (paper or online), testing center and test time of which you want to attend, after registration; then fill in your personal information, upload standard photos, and after verifying the information is correct, confirm to submit to participate in the test.

Two weeks after the end of the online test and one month after the end of the paper test, candidates only need input the number and name of the test admission ticket to query the scores; within 45 days after the test, the score report will be sent by CTI to the test center where you passed the test, and you can get it at the registration site with the test admission ticket and ID card.

For those who will take the test this Saturday, I will remind you before the exam.

Test time Test subjets
9h00 Hsk2 hsk 4 hsk 6
13h30 Hsk1 hsk3 hsk5

Please arrive at the examination room 30 minutes in advance.

As Hanban requires, before the listening part starts, students could come into the test room and take the test; after listening part starts, the student who is late should wait outside until the listening part ends and reading part starts, for not disturbing others; if the reading part starts, no student could come into the room and join the test.

Don’t forget your test admission ticket and ID card on which there are the registration information and your photo. Without those above, you will not be allowed to take the test.

2B pencils (two or more) and eraser are required for your paper test.

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