Visiting Shanghai City App

Learn about Shanghai’s profiles, explore the information of Shanghai’s food, accomodation, transportation, tourism, shopping and entertainment. All these functions can be realized through a mobile application.

On Oct 22, with the support of Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Administration, the participation of other related commissions and public institutions, the "Visiting Shanghai" City app developed and operated by Shanghai city image promotion center officially launched online.

summer camp shanghai
summer camp shanghai

When you open the app, first of all, the "This is Shanghai" section will show the city and districts of Shanghai with video, 5g live broadcast, VR experience, AR live scanning, etc. and take tourists to experience the scenery of famous scenic spots in Shanghai. And “Shanghai aerial photography” series of image films are also presented here. Through VR experience and AR real view scanning technology, visitors can also visit the Oriental Pearl, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai center, China Arts Museum, Shanghai Museum and other attractions without setting a single foot.

In addition, 16 districts’ key information, such as scenic spots, hotels, food, top quality tourism itineraries, specialty and traffic, are all gathered here. Tourists can book plane and train tickets, accommodation and entry to tourist attractions. They can search for restaurants and performances in the city. The app is also connected to the city's transport system with a QR code making this easier.
In the "Medical care" section, people can not only reserve the registration in most of Shanghai’s hospitals, but also query their medical records in the last ten years after the establishment of the "Health File".

summer camp shanghai
summer camp shanghai

In the "culture" section, "Haipai culture", "Red culture" and "Jiangnan culture" respectively correspond to a large number of cultural and tourist attractions. Whether you are fans of Shanghai writers, historical researchers of the Communist Party of China or fascinated by Jiangnan traditional architectures, you will always find a good place to visit according to your own interests.
In the "Architecture" section, people can not only learn historic buildings, such as the Grand Cinema, Shanghai Race Club, Park Hotel, through theirs pictures and historical records, listen to the audio guide, such as bright light, international hotel, concert hall, clove villa, but also see how far each building is from themselves.

Compared with many other travel apps, "Visiting Shanghai” City App explore accurately people’s travel needs in Shanghai. It is not only a display platform of Shanghai culture and tourism resources, but also a service platform based on big data integration.

An English version of the app is due to be launched next year, said Bao Lei, president of Shanghai Tourism Tech Co Ltd, which developed the app.
"Multilingual versions will not be simple translations of the Chinese version, but they will be designed based on the habits of tourists of different countries and we will make adjustments to pages from the Chinese version," he said.

As an international metropolis and the birthplace of Haipai culture, Shanghai attracts the global attention. The launch of this app is an important step for Shanghai to build a high-quality, international and professional tourism service system so as to make Shanghai a world-famous tourist destination.

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