Shanghai Style

Great Eastern/Western fusion


Shanghai is a city of juxtaposition of old and new. National Geographic describes as such: “Still, behind the brash exhibitionism and the pretense of Western sophistication—away from the boho galleries of Moganshan Road and the high-end boutiques and restaurants of Xintiandi—an older Shanghai still lurks, a world of quiet gardens, laundry-draped hutongs, fortune-tellers, and backstreet vegetable markets. Despite the constant renovation, tradition somehow persists here.


  • China’s economic capital, one of the largest cities and one of the fastest developing cities in the world
  • Shanghai ranks at top in the China mainland most livable cities
  • A global city: the most international city in China mainland, largest population of foreign nationals
  • The safest city in China


Find here food from all regions of China 

Try the city's signature xiaolong bao, as well as various kinds of dumplings and pastries including deep-fried twisted dough sticks, glutinous-rice balls, fried cakes with green onions, noodles with topping, dumplings in soup, steamed buns, fried dumplings, glutinous-rice cakes and dumplings, sweet pasty soups and so on. Since Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city, you can find here food from all regions of China, such as Pekin duck, Northern styled hot pot, Cantonese roasted meat, Spring pancake from Noth-East region, Sichuan spicy specialities.

Comfortable weather

More sunshine, fewer pollution

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are relatively mild but temperatures sometimes can drop to zero. Snow seldom falls. In contrast, summers tend to be hot and humid.June through to beginning of July are the rainy months. When traveling in Shanghai during these periods, prepare your umbrellas or raincoats.

Comparing to inland cities in China, Shanghai has much less problems of air pollution. Most of the time, you can have blue sky and fresh air. Thanks to the high quality of living environment, Shanghai ranks at top in the most livable cities in mainland China.

Disneyland Park is opening

The 6th Disneyland in the world

The long-waited Disneyland is finally to open in Shanghai, expected to open by the end of 2015. Shanghai Disneyland will feature Chinese cultural elements that will make the amusement park unique. The new park will have "things that are Disney", but will also have a lot of entertainment and show elements very Chinese in nature. There will be new attractions, different to those found in other Disney parks around the world.