Pingjiang Road | Pingjiang Historic Street

suzhou_old_street_souvenir_storeWith the length of 1,606 meters, Pingjiang Road parallels with Pingjiang River. The typical houses of ancient Suzhou with white walls and black tiles are standing by the street, simple and unsophisticated. Today, the old town of Suzhou centred around Pingjiang Road in the northeast, remains little changed since Song Dynasty, some 800 years ago.

For many centuries, Pingjiang Road has been a center of Suzhou’s cultural life. The street is lined with bookshops and local opera theaters. There are also many teahouses, where people gather for performances of Suzhou Pingtan, an elegant performance of storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect. Besides, the Pingtang Museum and Kunqu Opera Museum and School are along the road.


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