What do you need to pack before departing for Chinese Summer Camp

Among the children who come to China to attend Chinese summer camp, a large proportion of them leave their own country for the first time to go abroad alone, and some even spend the night outside alone for the first time. Many parents are worried about letting their children living in China alone for two to three weeks.Parents want to prepare their children with all the daily life articles as much as possible so that they can have everything they need during their stay in China. So when preparing luggage for children, what must be brought, what do not need to be prepared, and what are the precautions?

First of all, students should carry clothes and underwear that can be changed for five days or six days. RISH Chinese Summer Camp will provide two to three times laundry services free of charge throughout the camp period. On average, we collect clothes every five days, wash and dry them and then give back them to students on the same day. So before each laundry day, students need to have enough clean clothes. RISH Chinese Summer Camp prepare a lot of sports activities, so students should bring sportswear and sports shoes.

RISH Chinese Summer Camp students live in the university on-campus hotel, so the campus hotel changes sheets and towels in the room every day, and provides slippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shower gel, shampoo. Therefore, students do not need to bring these articles. Of course, if students want to use their own toiletries, they can also bring by themselves.

Students need to bring stationary. RISH Chinese Summer Camp provides notebooks free of charge. Students also need to bring a backpack so that they can use it very conveniently every day for class as well as for outings.

In addition, some necessary supplies for summer season also need to be carried, such as sunscreen, mosquito repellent water, sandals, rain gear, water bottle.

Students can bring some common medicines, such as for colds, headache, diarrhea and so on. RISH Chinese Summer Camp prepares these commonly used medicines for students, but if students are accustomed to taking medicines produced in their own country, it would be better to bring some of them. RISH Chinese Summer Camp also prepares emergency treatment kit for students, such as bandages and Band-Aid, so students do not need to bring by themselves.


Bringing cell phone is not a must. There is a telephone in the student’s room. If parents need to contact their children, they can call their room or contact RISH Chinese Summer Camp counselors. Our counselors are always with the children 24/7. If students carry their mobile phones, they are not allowed to bring mobile phones to the classroom during class hours. They can only use mobile phones during lunch break, evening break, and during outings. There is free Wi-Fi in students’ room so parents can contact their children by Facetime. Outside of the room, there is no Wi-Fi in the campus. If students need 4G data, they can buy a local SIM card at the airport when they arrive in Shanghai. A local SIM card costs about 100 to 150 RMB and incudes both local call minutes and 4G data.

It is not necessary to bring computer and IPAD. If students don’t bring cameras, don’t worry. RISH Chinese Summer Camp takes pictures for students during the whole camp life and share with parents every few days. If you bring an electronic device, please don’t forget to the plug adapter.

Since RISH Chinese Summer Camp price package is all-inclusive, students do not need to bring money. If parents want to give pocket money to their children, it is not recommended to give too much. We suggest not to exceed 500 RMB per week. Students usually spend pocket money on souvenirs, soft drinks and ice cream. We provide bottled water every day, but we do not provide soft drink.

One month before students leave for Shanghai, RISH Chinese Summer Camp will send a luggage preparation checklist to parents to help them prepare necessary items for the summer camp in Shanghai.


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