Everything about Medical Care for Your Child During Chinese Summer Camp

Many of the children who come to our Chinese summer camp need to stay in China alone for two to three weeks after they leave their families for the first time. Parents will be more worried about what to do if the child is ill during this period. Some children have some food taboos and are allergic to certain things, which is also a concern of parents.

First of all, if the child has a history of allergies, parents need to tell us in advance. When parents enroll their children for the Chinese summer camp, we will let parents indicate in the registration form. During the whole Chinese summer camp period, the counselor who is in charge of the child will pay attention that the child is never exposed to food that can cause allergies.

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If students are slightly uncomfortable during the Chinese summer camp, we have a variety of commonly used medicines available for free use by students. In addition, there is a school clinic right on campus that can deal with simple diseases and emergencies. If students need to see a doctor in an off-campus hospital, we can send them to the hospital free of charge. At least one counselor will accompany the student all along. There is a local public hospital five minutes away from our campsite, which also provides emergency medical care service at night. If students choose to go to international hospital, we can also arrange. International hospital 45 minutes’ drive from our campus.

The medical expenses in local public hospital or international hospital are on student’s own charge. Therefore, we strongly recommend that students buy adequate levels of travel insurance in their home country before they leave for China, to cover the travel to and from China and the period of their participation in the Chinese summer camp in China. Travel insurance normally covers medical expenses, accident injury and public liability during travel abroad.

Travel insurance premiums are not expensive. For example, for three weeks traveling abroad, it only costs about tens of dollars. However, travel insurance coverage amount is large enough to cover the cost of treatment for illness or accidents abroad. Most insurance companies offer travel insurance. If the child is usually falling ill easily, parents can think about buying travel insurance for the child during the Chinese summer camp, in order to avoid unexpected or significant medical expenses.

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