It will take you about 20 minutes to complete the following five-part application form.

• Step 1 – Candidate Information.

• Step 2 – Student Information. Please get your kid’s passport information ready before filling this part.

• Step 3 – Emergency and Medical Information. You will be required to provide contact person in case of emergency.

• Step 4 – Other Information. Choose your payment method (you are not required to make payment at this stage). Read and accept terms and conditions.

• Step 5 – Upload a recent picture of your kid for airport pick-up use.

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#1 Candidate Information

About me
Full Name:(As on passport) Gender: MaleFemale
Date of birth: City of Birth:
Citizenship:(As on passport) City of Residence

Staying in touch
Email: Phone:
(Contry Code & Phone Number)
Street & Room Number: City:
Country: Post Code:
Please provide at least one of the below contact methods
Whatsapp Number(if you have): Wechat ID(Recommanded):

Parents or guardians
Full Name: Gender: MaleFemale
Parent or guardian: Relationship with candidate:
Currently: Do you have any brothers or sisters? YesNo

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? YesNo
If yes, how will you manage my relationship while in China

家庭成员华文背景/Chinese Background of Family Members:

#2 学校信息/School Information

学校名称/School Name:

#3 汉语水平/Chinese Language Proficiency:

- 是否学过中文?/Have you learnt Chinese?

- 学习中文的方式?/How do you learn Chinese?
一对一中文辅导/One-on-one Chinese tutor学校开设的中文课/Chinese language course offered by your school中文培训学校/Chinese course offered by language institute其他/Others

(非必填项/Optional)中文老师姓名/Name of your Chinese Teacher:
- 学习中文多长时间/How long have you been learning Chinese?:

- 中文听说水平/Chinese Speaking and Listening Proficiency (you can give a rating between 0 to 10):
- 中文读写水平/Chinese Reading and Writing Proficiency (you can give a rating between 0 to 10):
- 你是否之前参加过我们的夏令营?/Are you our returning student?
- 如果是,请注明之前读哪个等级?(L1-L6) /If yes, which level did you study before? (L1-L6)