A. General

How do I apply for the program?

You can either fill and submit the application form directly on line, or download the application form, print it, fill in and then email back to us a scanned copy.

How do I know if my application is complete?

As soon as we receive your application form, our coordinator will contact you for next steps. Your application is complete after your payment is received by RISH. At the end of the application process, our coordinator will send to you an enrollment verification letter to confirm that your child has been successfully registered in our summer program.

When should students apply for their program?

In order to guarantee a smooth application process and, as program places are limited, we recommend that students apply at least three months before they plan to arrive in China. However, applications can be submitted anytime before the intended starting date if the student does not require accommodation. If students need accommodation, applications should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance.

What is the best way to pay the program fees?

We accept payment by wire transfer or by credit card via paypal. If you choose to pay by credit card via Paypal, your payment is subject to 5% additional fee.

Is RISH enrolling students from different countries? If yes, what countries?

Yes, our former students are coming from USA, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Britain, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, etc.

What’s the age range allowed to join RISH summer camp?

Usually the age range is between 10 and 18 years old.

My kid doesn’t know any Chinese, could we apply for your program?

Yes, total beginners are also welcomed to join us. All students will accept level assessment test on the first day of the camp to be placed into different groups according to their language proficiency.

Do we get a certificate after the camp?

Yes, students who pass the final exam will get a certificate issued by Beijing Language and Culture University – RISH Learning Center.

Is this summer camp allowing parents to join too?

Yes, parents could join, we can help them to book the same hotel as students. After morning classes, parents can join the rest of the camp. Also they can choose to take part in the field trip with us. We also offer services such as private Chinese lessons, customized excursions, etc.

What is your staff to student ratio?

Each group has one master teacher and one lead counselor, so a staff-student ratio of about 1:5.


B. Camp Life

What safety and security measures are in place at the residence halls?

All the people who stay in the hotel will be registered by police, under the supervision of Chinese security. There is monitor installed in each floor. Our staff will stay with our students in the same hotel, which can ensure 24 hours service. There is front desk in the hotel. Student can call room service or teacher’s room if they need any help.

What emergency procedures does RISHBLCU have in case of an accident at camp?

The RISH staffs are all trained in first aid procedure. A full first aid kit is on site to take care of scrapes and bruises and for more serious injuries. First aid packs are carried by staff when out of reach of the main camp area. If further medical assistance is required, we will take the student to the good clinic or International hospital and reach the parents for further directions.

How do I contact my child during the program and how often can we communicate?

As soon as students arrive on campus, We will help them to buy local SIM card. You may call him/her in the morning before students leave for class or in the evening after classes and meals are finished for the day. Students are required to turn off their cell phones and other communication devices during the day so as not to disturb classes or activity times. If you want leave message for your kid, you may contact our camp coordinator. During excursions and fiel trip, students are also allowed to use their cell phones.

What kind of dorm room students going to stay?

Students will stay in the on-campus university-owned hotel. Rooms are 3-star standard, double occupancy. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, bathroom with 24hours hot water, all sets of furniture, cable TV, free wifi connection, phone access. The security guards will be on watch 24/7.

Is there WIFI or internet connection in your hotel?

Yes, there is free WIFI in the hotel room.

How are students assigned to rooms/roommates?

RISH staff will make residence hall assignments based on gender and age just before students arrive on campus. Roommates are always same-gender.
 Students who are the similar age and in the same class have the best chance of being roomed together.

May we make roommate request?

Yes you can request that your child be grouped with one other child. However, students are encouraged to meet new friends who come from other parts of the nation and world.

We would like to visit our child while he/she is in the full camp program. Is this possible?

Yes, we welcome parents to join our program. You just need to inform our coordinator in advance.

Do we need to buy toothbrush, shampoo or towel etc?

No need to buy. Our hotel will provide toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and towel every day. But if you are habit to use yourselves, you can bring them.

Do you have shops/small supermarkets in the campus to buy daily things?

Yes, there are several grocery stores and small supermarkets in the campus, students can easily buy daily stuff.

How about laundry?

The laundry will be organized every 4 or 5 days without any surcharge.

About the pocket money, how much would it be enough? Can we bring dollars?

Usually we recommend not more than 500 Rmb per week. Our counselors will take students to do the money exchange if needed. We strongly suggest that we keep pocket money for students in case they spend it on useless stuff or lose it.

My daughter need to take medicine everyday strictly on time, can you ask a counselor to remind her on this?

Sure, actually you may ask your daughter to give her medicine on the first day of the camp to her counselor, please put all her medications in a bag with a label about how it should be administered.

What time is the curfew?

22:00 is bedtime. Students have to be in their assigned room and bed. Since students will stay as a group the whole day, no one could get a chance to go out of the campus or hotel without accompany. There will be room checks from 21:30 to 22:30 every night. Counselors will stay in the same hotel with students to ensure problem solving if there is any.

C. Trip to China

What type of visa should I apply?

There are different types of visa. The one that our students and parents should apply is L type (tourist visa) issued to an alien who comes to China for sightseeing, family visiting or other private purposes.

If I need an invitation letter to apply visa, can you issue this kind of document to me?

Yes, for your visa application, if you need any document or information from our side, you can just contact us.

Who provides health insurance? Can you recommend any insurance providers?

RISH requires each student to organize her/his own health insurance, which will be valid for the duration of the program. We recommend you buy insurance from an internationally-recognised provider to avoid any possible problems when using your insurance in China.

My son’s flight arrives at 23:50pm. Do you still offer free airport pick up for him?

Yes, we offer free airport pick up and drop off for each student. Just make sure with us his flight information. Counselors will be waiting for each student at least 20 minutes before landing time. We are going to hold a board with student's name on, waiting at the custom exit. There will be no problem finding us.