Community Service & Hospital Volunteering Program in China


#1 Unique Program in China

Dedicated to students worldwide who are seeking to fulfill the community service hour portion of their graduation requirements and/or build a resume in favor of university application. Extraordinary opportunity to gain volunteering experience abroad, as well as profound knowledge into another culture.


#2 Receive Official Certificate

At the conclusion of the program, participants accumulate totally 40-50 community service hours, and gain official certificate granted by host hospital.


#3 Work as a Real Volunteer

After having received a training session from Chinese local hospital, you will focus on doing meaningful services to help patients for 2 weeks. You can also participate in various exciting events organized by hospital. You will learn new skills while helping others, develop spirit of solicitude and team work.


#4 Interactions with Local Volunteers

You work as a team with local volunteers on various tasks, form real relationship and make friends with locals. You can develop your Chinese language skill and improve your understanding of Chinese traditions, customs, and social environment.


#5 Chinese Language Immersion

2-week total immersion experience, unique opportunity for participants who wish to learn more about and feel more at ease in Chinese.


#6 No Requirement of Chinese Language Level

To apply this program, there is no requirement of Chinese language level. If you can’t speak Chinese at all, our bilingual counselors will help to ensure smooth communication anytime needed. Also, we offer you free of charge Chinese classes to make you “survive” in China.


#7 Culture-enhancing Activities

We have well selected fun excursions inside and outside of Shanghai, including sightseeing tours to Shanghai's famous attractions, visits to world-class museums, and field trip to Hangzhou, iconic city of ancient China.


#8 Convenient Campsite and Comfortable Accommodation

Immersed in the beautiful, safe and convenient university campus. Comfortable rooms are at the 3-star standard on-campus hotel, double occupancy, fully furnished and equipped.


#9 Safety First

A group of bilingual and experienced counselors will ensure safety beyond the campus and solve all problems immediately. They will be leading campers to accomplish with success their volunteering missions.


#10 All Included Package

Three meals per day are provided, with a variety of dishes for each meal. Taste local-styled gastronomy restaurants during outings. To make your camp life easier we provide airport transfer and laundry service without additional charge.

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