Our Students Come From


School NameSchool NameSchool Name
Eton CollegeEton CollegeIBS School of ProvenceIBS School of ProvenceSaigon-South-International-SchoolSaigon South International School
Los Altos High SchoolLos Altos High School香港耀中国际学校香港耀中国际学校West Island School Hong KongWest Island School Hong Kong
International School BangkokInternational School BangkokBandung Alliance International SchoolBandung Alliance International SchoolSt. Columba's CollegeSt. Columba's College
Sri Kdu International SchoolSri Kdu International SchoolFountain International SchoolFountain International SchoolDubai CollegeDubai College
北京蒙台梭利国际学校北京蒙台梭利国际学校Hong Kong International SchoolHong Kong International SchoolSingapore_International_SchoolSingapore_International_School
Harrow School UK 英国哈罗
Chinese International School 汉基国际学校
圣士提反女子书院 St.Stephens Girls College
International College Hong Kong
Hong Lok Yuen International school
Singapore International School of HK
St.Andrew International School Bangkok
印尼雅加达国际 Jarkata International School
British School Manila 马尼拉英国学校
Macau Anglican College 澳门圣公会中学
West Island School 西岛中学
South Island School 南岛中学
International School Yangon缅甸仰光国际学校
Dallas International School 美国达拉斯洲国际学校
International School of Moscow 莫斯科国际学校
International School Manila 马尼拉国际学校
International School Tokyo
Mont Kiara International School
Kellett School香港英国国际学校
New International School of Thailand
Nexus International School
Singapore American School
Brent International School Manila
La Salle College Hong Kong
Discovery college 香港智新书院
Lycee Francais de New York 纽约法国学校

Our Students Say

“I spent an enjoyable time with RISH summer camp. My Chinese has improved a lot!”

Chloe - Switzerland

“I feel that my speaking and listening skills improved so that I can understand much conversational Chinese. I will do well in my Chinese class in school this fall. Most of all, My experience this summer confirmed my desire to study Chinese when I go to the university. I’m excited to see what I will do in my life with my language skills! So thank you very much for putting together this excellent program.”

John - UK

“I really loved this summer camp, the teachers are very nice, the counselors helped me a lot. I hope I can come back again!”

Bao - Vietnam

“I made good friends in this summer. Thanks to RISH! The field trip is a very fun experience.”

Genie - Thailand

“This is my first time to Shanghai, my conversational skill in Chinese has improved!”

Louise - France

“The lead counselor of the summer camp is awesome, he helped us a lot from the moment we landed in Shanghai. The kids had a really good time with other students from different countries. They felt so happy. Thanks to RISH team!”

Margaux and her Family - USA

“I believe that Mandarin is the language for the future. I also believe that RISH’s teaching methods will revolutionize the future of Mandarin study. The way RISH teaches should be the way that Mandarin is spread throughout the rest of the world … RISH’s teacher is by far the greatest teacher I have ever had.”

Michael - Shanghai, China

“RISH’s approach to teaching Chinese is professional, innovative, and motivating, especially for an American businessman like myself who finds learning a new language extremely difficult. RISH’s teacher is willing to eschew traditional language instruction structure in favor of a personalized approach tailored for each student for the most effective results.

Michael - Shanghai, China

“Thanks to RISH team for the high quality service. The schedule is well balanced for the kids between indoor classes and outdoor activities. Everything is well arranged for us. The field trip is very impressive.”

Chelia - Switzerland

“I am very impressed with realinshanghai.com! I have had several lessons from RISH’s Chinese teacher and have learned more in a short time than I learned in the last 5 years of trying to teach myself!! Keep up the good work.”

Jon - Shanghai, China

“I would never have dreamt that after only 3 months I could make a speech to my company IN MANDARIN but with RISH’s help that is what happened. RISH is so much more effective than any other language school I’ve experienced.”

Carol - Shanghai, China

“Thank you for all the great memories generated in my first ever trip to China; For the great tours around the grandeur of the various scenic spots; … For the experience of being able to improve my Mandarin.”

Jessica - USA

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