Online Summer Camp

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The Perfect Online Chinese Summer Camp For Kids and Teens

to have fun learning and language skill improving in a relaxed and motivating atmosphere

What Students Get During Our Chinese Summer Camp

We Offer 4 Sessions in 2022

of Chinese Summer Camp with different starting dates

Session 14th July – 15th July4500 RMB (About 680 USD)
Session 218th July – 29th July4500 RMB (About 680 USD)
Session 31st August – 12th August4500 RMB (About 680 USD)
Session 415th August – 26th August4500 RMB (About 680 USD)

We Aim to Make Students

learn happily

We take pride in the fact 100% of our students and parents are satisfied with their experiences with us.

We have a team of friendly, dynamic and appropriately trained staff to provide high-quality Chinese learning and best services. We aim to make students achieve great learning results and take advantages as much as possible from our Chinese summer camp or our other Chinese learning programs. experiences with us.

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